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Northern California's Most CHerished School of Magic

Our Castle in the swamp


Castle Lemuria

The faculties at Grendel Gravenstein date back to the year 

1459 when the castle was transported from the outer lands of Lemura

 by a group of alchemists, including our founder Grendel Gravenstein. See our info about "The Merlin Club".

Out Castle/ facility, Magical Beings Sanctuary, and Botanical Gardens, are hidden in the wetlands of the Laguna de Santa Rosa, 

near the small (and so very cute) town of Sebastopol. A site selected for the large populations of birds found there. 

Grendel Gravenstein and his long time companion, Persius Passerine were both avid alectryomancers, 

skilled at birding and the divination of the future through the observation of birds and their movements.

Today the Laguna de Santa Rosa is still a popular birding destination, as well as a hidden oasis for those with magical talent.

One enters the gateway to Grendel Gravenstein through several portals, such as the quite creepy cement  “Door To Hell” in the Sebastopol Town Square, The Chinese Food Section at Fircrest Market, and the side door of a small arts and crafts bungalow near the small progressive town of Sebastopol –  a town known for a tolerance of witches and an uncanny high percentage of magical practitioners!


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