La Nariz de Guksu

Another fine gem of great power in the treasury of Grendel Gravenstein’s is la Nariz de Guksu

Historic Background

Guksu is one of the most important of the Pomo Gods, who traditionally hung out in the Southern part of the Laguna De Santa Rosa. He was special to the Pomo healers, who prayed to him, and as late as the early 1970’s would buy him beers at the Sebastopol Saloon. His blessing would often help in the healing of the ill. In certain ceremonial Pomo dances, there would be a medicine man dressed as Guksu – at least when he could not come himself.  And when medicine men became ill themselves, they would go dressed up like Guksu in the hopes that he would heal them so they could continue to heal others.

Usually Depicted as a human being, Guksu has a very long red nose and a really hot ripped body. Those who would impersonate him would go naked with their bodies painted black, or black with snazzy red and white stripes, a large feathery headdress, a short staff with feathers on top, and most importantly, a red painted nose. Usually these Guksu impersonators would not speak, but whistle and chirp – sometimes using a bone whistle.

Guksu is still occasionally sighted near Graton, California . Although he is not fond of the Mean Waitress with the black hair at the Underwood café, he likes their cocktails. He has on occasion, been spotted at the Willow Wood Cafe on special occasions. He has also been seen sipping tea and eating cake at the Graton Ladies' annual spring flower show. Guksu is quite fond of flowers. The native bay tree is also favored by him.

Apparently the large red gemstone in the Castle vaults is named after Guksu, who had (like so many others) a huge crush on Indra, and gave her this gemstone as a token of his esteem. This, after spending a week with her in her private quarters ordering nothing but mushroom pizzas and Korbel's Rouge Champagne from Rosie Olestra, head Cafeteria Lady.  At least that is what the whispers of adolescent young men still speak of, in hushed voices, faces flushed, in the cafeteria when Rosie Olestra is not around.