The Merlin Club


The Merlin Club

AKA The Babylonian Brat Pack from the University of Ur

Abdul Al Hazred – dubbed the “Mad Arab”, although he insists he is not really all that mad, just slightly annoyed.

He was born in Sana’a in Yemen, and attended a small progressive college of Magic in Taiz before meeting Grendel.

Mitzie Malotov – was born on a prehistoric hippie commune in Romania – that which was once called Cucuteni in Lasi County, Romania. 

Ishatar Elderberries – Born to a very wealthy prehistoric royal family in the ancient city of Çatalhöyük.  The fertility figure and famous party gal extraordinaire “Venus de Willendorf is rumored to be a modeling of  Ishatar– as she was very poor as a student and would pose nude for money. This was before they invented JUMBA – as now she sports quite a figure indeed.

Perseus Passerine – Born of a Celtic High Priestess and a Great Warrior King. He was a sensitive child, fond of birds and prone to crying so his father sent him away to school. Far away, as in Ur. He met Grendel Gravenstein at the University of Ur, where they would take long birding expeditions into the Marshes along the Tigress.

Grendel Granvenstein 

Grendel’s Mother was a temple whore in the Temple of Innana, some say Innana herself. And his father was – in the words of his mother; “A stunning slab of a man. A holy mercenary from ummm somewhere... He was kind of a bossy jerk, but such a great lover.” 

While he was not considered wealthy, he was rich in family life, and a gifted magical bloodline.

Indra Beautaie

Indra was the Dean of Graduate Programming in the Ancient Magus Department at the University of Ur. It was here that she became enchanted with the shenanigans of Grendel and Ishtar. 


Indra was the first to return to Castle Lemuria, 

after the demise of her biological body.